SHORT VERSION without the juicy details: [read time 23sec]

Nopeet is a company that was founded in 2015 after one of it's founders, W, had a life-changing experience in Cape Town, South Africa. 

While on vacation, W was struck by a bright glimmer and experienced an enlightenment and an unprecedented orgasm. W realized that the source of this experience was a pair of glimmering sunglasses that he found in a store window. W and the other founder, K, were inspired by this remarkable event and decided to create the Nopeet Shades. 

Since 2015, W & K have been working to make these Shades available to the world & stayed true.

LONG VERSION with the juicy details: [read time 1min 40sec]

Everything started in 2013 on a vacay trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

There had been no signs whatsoever of how one of the company’s future founding members, W, would change the course of history forever on that day. At the time he just wanted to reward himself with a proper milkshake and for that he needed to head over to Cape Town’s number one mall. As he suckled the artificial teat made of plastic, commonly known as a straw, to feel the gush of frozen lactose on his tastebuds, something peculiar happened. A bright glimmer caught W’s eyes and caused him simultaneously to experience an enlightenment and an unprecedented orgasm. W realised the cause of his momentary loss of bodily independence was caused by something that was hiding behind a store’s window. W and the forefathers of Nopeet glasses had found each other. W felt an unspeakable warmth in his chest. It was as if Spring itself had blossomed inside of him, filling his insides with pure nectar. There was love in the air. This was a feeling he had never felt before.

Once the aftershock of the earth-shattering orgasm was over, enlightened W remembered a certain passage from Da Bible; whatever ye desire that men should do to you, thus do ye also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets. Inspired by this age-old wisdom W did not start to hand out cash to others but returned to the mall and emptied the shelves of those glimmering objects. W needed them in home.

When W returned far up north to the icy realms of Finland, he needed to get a hold of his most trusted comrades and tell them to rejoice for he had not returned empty handed. The comrades fell in love with the marvelous glimmering objects W had brought from the dark continent. Some straight away; the others instantaneously but everyone as passionately as any other. Among those who were bestowed with the gift, there was also K, a future co-founder of Nopeet. It was him, who fell in love with those wonderful glimmering objects so badly that the scientists started to believe there was an unknown sexual orientation that nobody had witnessed ever before.

Days, months and years passed. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was not cool anymore, but Nopeet were.

K&W and the comrades, once gifted with the glimmering orgasm makers, had since been walking under the curse of being forced to reply to the same old strangers’ persistent question: “Where can you get those lovely glimmering objects from?”. As the burden of being privileged to reply to inquiries got unbearable, W had to get more. As W returned to Cape Town in 2014 he discovered the once vibrant shop closed and rumors in dark alleyways told the manufacturing of the god given glasses had been stopped. As W contemplated his journey made in vain, he realised that their dreams were shattered. Melancholy took over.

Time passed. In 2015, on a dark September evening W’s phone rang. K was calling. W picked up the phone. K told W that something had to be done. K told he had seen a vision. A vision of the whole world getting enlightened. A vision of the whole world being able to taste the nectar. A vision of the whole world getting the orgasm. W knew what that meant.

The darkest night turned into a dawn of a new age. Darkness became light. Birds started to sing as people started to moan in extacy.

The rest is, as we at Nopeet call it, Da History…

Yours sincerely,
K & W

PS. Since 2015 we have:
1. Designed the Nopeet Signature Glasses inspired by the true events described above.
2. Bought a Lamborghini, been to Mars and set up Da Nopeet Product Development Lab.
3. Stayed true.


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